NetDesign – DAAG Algiers MSFS Preview

NetDesign is a scenery developer in the realm of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, who has released a work in progress preview video for their upcoming scenery of Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport (DAAG). The video explicitly states that it does not represent the final product, emphasizing ongoing refinements to ensure a high-quality and authentic virtual experience. NetDesign has already gained recognition for their previous MSFS sceneries in Algeria, including DATG in Guezzam Airport and DAAT Aguenar Tamanrasset Airport, showcasing their commitment to capturing real-world locations with meticulous attention to detail.

The preview video provides a sneak peek into the development of DAAG, revealing glimpses of the airport layout and features. NetDesign’s dedication to creating a realistic and immersive environment is evident, particularly with high quality and photoreal textures. With a proven track record, NetDesign’s DAAG MSFS scenery is expected to set a new standard for authenticity and quality in virtual aviation, adding to their already impressive portfolio of sceneries in the Algerian region.

Watch now the trailer of their scenery in stock DAAT Tamanrasset for MSFS :

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