Gees – Gees 2.0 MSFS

Gees 2.0 MSFS, now available on SIMMARKET, is an in-game landing analysis addon designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This innovative tool fills a gap in the simulation experience by providing detailed insights into your landing skills. The addon offers information on various aspects, including landing rate, G-force, landing speed, wind speed and direction, sideslip and bank angles, the number of bounces, and landing location. Gees enhances the simulation by adding an instant replay feature, allowing users to review and appreciate successful landings.

Installation is straightforward, using the SIMMARKET Siminstaller. The addon seamlessly integrates into MSFS, with all settings and displays accessible in-game. Users have control over the app’s visibility, allowing it to stay visible or hide and wait for manual activation. Gees 2.0 MSFS offers a comprehensive landing analysis experience while addressing potential challenges and limitations, such as the need for the app to run during recording and issues related to landing location data retrieval from the game.

Users can benefit from the app’s functionality, recording up to 100 landings and enjoying features like instant replay to relive successful moments. Gees 2.0 MSFS distinguishes itself from the original Gees app by offering a more streamlined and feature-rich experience within the game environment. Developed by the same author, this paid version is a separate entity from the free and open-source Gees app, focusing on in-game functionality and introducing improvements to the landing analysis process for flight simulation enthusiasts.

­čĺ╗ With Siminstaller = MSFS Auto-Install and Auto-Update via SIMMARKET app

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