Honeycomb : Where is Charlie ? Statement by the founder

In a recent statement, Nicki, the founder of Honeycomb Aeronautical (the Official website is down), has provided a detailed account of the challenges the company is currently facing, particularly in relation to the production delay and difficulties with the Charlie Rudder Pedals. Nicki begins by tracing the origins of Honeycomb back to 2012, highlighting the initial vision to bridge the gap between gaming-grade and high-end flight sim equipment. The founder describes the struggle to secure funding and the eventual partnership formed in 2016, only to later discover that the company’s ownership structure was not as agreed upon.

As the founder delves into the unfolding situation, he acknowledges a lapse in oversight and details financial discrepancies with the business partner in Hong Kong, resulting in an unexpected negative financial outcome for Honeycomb. The founder outlines efforts to rectify the situation, including negotiations with the factory partner and a commitment to repay outstanding debts, particularly in light of the Charlie Rudder Pedals pre-order funds being misappropriated. Despite challenges in meeting payment obligations, the founder expresses determination to fulfill customer orders and apologizes for the extended delays.

Looking ahead, the founder discloses ongoing efforts to secure new financing deals, expressing optimism about potential partnerships that could accelerate Honeycomb’s growth. Amid difficulties in managing faulty product returns and a loss of control over the online store, the founder vows to resolve outstanding issues, including the completion of the Charlie production. Despite the setbacks, the founder emphasizes a commitment to transparency, promises to learn from the situation, and expresses gratitude for the support received from both the team and loyal customers.

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4 months ago

The “Founder” is no longer a part of the company. Looks like his silent partner has taken over, and removed Nicki completely. And given the new release by “FlyHoneycomb,” Nicki is persona non grata at the front door. Also given what has just been revealed, Nicki had to know this was coming, even as he was telling everyone he was going to find a new partner and holding on to the company.

I love the Bravo, and was thinking about the Charlie. I don’t think I’ll be doing business with Honeycomb going forward. Don’t know who to trust or believe, but the whole thing stinks…

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