Review : Asian Airports – Seoul Gimpo Intl RKSS P3D5

Review by Nadeem Z

Airport Overview

Asian Airport have recently released a 2024 surprise update to their Seoul Gimpo (RKSS) for P3D.
Located in the far east nation of South Korea, Gimpo serves as a domestic and regional airport
hub for the capital city Seoul and Home to major airlines such as Asiana Airlines and Korean Air.
This detailed rendition of Seoul Gimpo International Airport captures the essence of the region
with stunning accuracy and breathtaking textures. In this 2024 version, you’ll experience the latest
and up-to-date terminal building, providing amazing views and picturesque approaches, whether
during the daytime or nighttime.

The airport, a medium-sized international hub, serves approximately 25 million passengers per
year with direct connections to various destinations in the Far East Asia region such as Beijing,
Tokyo, Shanghai, and Taipei. The scenery boasts a completely updated terminal building with
meticulous textures, offering an immersive and realistic experience with many features that are
editable through the provided configurator. At night, the airport comes alive with full illumination
and dynamic lighting, creating a visually captivating atmosphere. Notably, the airport located in
Seoul, South Korea, is known for its bustling domestic and international routes, making it a hub
of activity in the region.

Airport Features

Asian Airport’s Seoul Gimpo offers outstanding features that leverage the latest P3D technologies,
including full night illumination, dynamic lighting, P3D v5 native materials, and custom Ground
Images, Autogen, PBR textures for buildings, vehicles, etc., Airport Objects, optimized for good
performance, Night lighting, SODE Jetways and objects and Dynamic lighting. As mentioned in
their manual, its possible to revert to their older version if users experience a high frame load.

Modeling and Texturing

After careful examination of the terminal and its features reveals high-quality textures and
meticulous modeling of all major airport buildings. The emphasis on high-quality texturing and
details of the apron showcases P3D addon quality. Details near the main terminal, including
ground markings, reflect the considerable effort and work invested by Asian Airports. The
inclusion of various high-textured ground vehicles positioned around parking positions
complements ground addons such as GSX seamlessly.

Final Feedback

Asian Airport’s RKSS Seoul Gimpo Airport is a worthy investment, offering meticulous detail,
excellent performance, and an immersive experience. The quality justifies its cost, making it a
must-have for Far East Asia P3D aviation enthusiasts. Whether you’re a casual simmer or a
dedicated aviation enthusiast, this scenery is a valuable addition to your collection, delivering an
authentic and visually stunning experience in P3D due to the plethora of routes and aircraft types
to fly. Kudos to the Asian Airports team for a job well done! Greatly recommended!

Review by Nadeem Z

➢ Great attention to the smaller details, excellent frame rates, and good VRAM usage.
➢ Seamless compatibility with other products from ORBX Open LC/Freeware Korea Mesh.
➢ HD Ground Imagery and Detailed Ground polygon taxiways and runways with great detail.
➢ Inclusion of a Configurator for ease of controlling addon features such as scenery objects,
➢ Seasonal Airport Ground Textures to include all different seasons within the configurator.
PurchaseTest System
Developer: Asian Airports
Price: EUR 23.00 (+ tax for EU customers)
AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
Nvidia GTX3080TI running 4K textures.
Prepar3D V5.4
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