Fly 2 High – LBSF Sofia Airport 2.0 MSFS Free Update

“Fly 2 High – Sofia Airport 2.0” for Microsoft Flight Simulator invites virtual aviators to explore Bulgaria’s main international airport located just 10 km east of Sofia’s city center. Boasting accurate simulations, hand-crafted ground textures, and dynamic airport lighting, this add-on provides an immersive experience.

Serving as a hub for airlines such as BH Air, Bulgaria Air, and GullivAir, and as a base for Ryanair and Wizz Air, Sofia Airport also hosts the Vrazhdebna Air Base of the Bulgarian Air Force. In 2019, it surpassed 7 million passengers, solidifying its importance in the aviation landscape.

Version 2 of this add-on brings significant improvements, including a new ground design mirroring real-time conditions, added buildings in surrounding areas, detailed simulation of the Lufthansa area, enhancements to the main terminal, and optimized textures for efficient storage use. Flight simulation enthusiasts who previously purchased the V1 version at simMarket are entitled to a free upgrade upon acquiring the product. The inclusion of SIMMARKET simInstaller technology ensures a seamless post-purchase experience via the store APP.

With its blend of authenticity, attention to detail, and performance optimization, “Fly 2 High – Sofia Airport 2.0” enhances the virtual flying experience, offering a captivating journey through Bulgaria’s bustling aviation hub in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

V2 Update changelog:

  • Completely new ground and most similar to real time.
  • Added new buildings in the surrounding areas
  • Lufthansa area is simulated in more detail
  • Improvements to the main terminal
  • Optimized textures to save storage

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