SimNord – EKYT Aalborg Airport MSFS

SimNord’s EKYT Aalborg Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator sets a new standard for realism and attention to detail. This is Denmark’s third-largest airport brought to life with stunning accuracy, capturing every nuance of Aalborg Airport’s layout and infrastructure.

Situated just 6 km from the heart of Aalborg in North Jutland, this add-on offers a truly immersive experience for virtual pilots seeking an authentic representation of the bustling EKYT airfield.

The level of detail in SimNord’s EKYT Aalborg Airport is nothing short of impressive, from accurately recreated runways and taxiways to the finely crafted terminal buildings and surrounding infrastructure. The developers have spared no effort in ensuring that every aspect of the airport reflects its real-world counterpart, making it a must-have for flight simulation enthusiasts. With SimNord’s commitment to realism and quality, EKYT Aalborg Airport is a standout addition to any virtual pilot’s MSFS scenery collection, providing a captivating and true-to-life flying experience in the beautiful region of North Jutland, Denmark. Discover the charm and authenticity of Aalborg Airport like never before with SimNord’s EKYT scenery, available now at SIMMARKET.

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