SXairportDesign – SXAD Tucson International Airport MSFS

Join us in Arizona, USA, to explore the beauty of Tucson International Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator with SXAD’s latest release, available on SIMMARKET. As the second busiest airport in Arizona, Tucson International offers a unique experience with its civil-military setup and the presence of Morris Air National Guard Base, home to the 162nd wing.

The airport is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, including the Rincon Mountain District, Santa Catalina Mountains, Saguaro National Park, Tucson Mountain Parks, and the Coronado National Forest. With MSFS native PBR textures, SXAD ensures a detailed and immersive depiction of the entire airport, capturing the real charm of the location.

This product not only brings the airport to life but also incorporates the latest updates as of November 2023. The changes include the removal of runway 29L/11R, the addition of the new Charlie Taxiway, and the renaming of runways 29R/11L to 30/12 and 21/3 to 22/4. These updates enhance the accuracy and realism of the scenery, providing virtual pilots with an authentic and up-to-date flying experience. Embark on exciting flights into Tucson International Airport and witness the stunning landscapes that surround this dynamic aviation hub in the heart of Pima County, making it a must-have addition for flight simulation enthusiasts.

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