Review : Sierrasim – Harrisburg Intl KMDT P3D V4/V6

Review by Nadeem Z

Airport Overview:

SierraSim’s Harrisburg (KMDT) is a must-have for flight enthusiasts eager to explore the
captivating destination of Harrisburg in the Continental US state of Pennsylvania. This detailed
rendition of Harrisburg International Airport captures a rendition of the airport with ultimate
stunning accuracy and breathtaking textures. In this 2024 version, you’ll experience the latest and
up-to-date terminal building, providing amazing views and picturesque approaches, whether you
prefer daytime or nighttime flying.

The airport, a regional mid-sized international hub, serves approximately 1.5 million passengers
per year with direct connections to 30+ airports in the mainland USA region including various cargo
operations by FedEx and UPS. The scenery boasts a completely updated terminal building with
meticulous textures, offering an immersive and realistic experience which is very eye-candy. At
night, the airport comes alive with full illumination and dynamic lighting, creating a visually
captivating atmosphere. Notably, the airport located on the Southeastern side of the state of
Pennsylvania offers a spectacular approach for either runway 13 or 31, providing stunning views
of the Susquehanna River and nearby landmarks such as the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating
Station nearby.

Airport Features:

SierraSim’s Harrisburg offers outstanding features that leverage the latest P3D technologies,
including Ground PBR Texture Photoreal – Autogen, PBR textures for buildings, vehicles, Airport
Objects, and animated objects, National Guard hangars, Models that are Optimized for decent
performance, Dynamic night lighting, SODE operated Jetways, Ground Features (Water Puddles)
and Windsocks, Seasonal Texture, 3D grass, Scenery Configurator, which is a huge plus, Taxiway
3D lights.

Modeling and Texturing:

Careful examination of the terminal and its features reveals high-quality textures and meticulous
modeling of all major airport buildings. The emphasis on high-quality texturing and details of the
apron showcases P3D addon quality. Details near the main terminal building, including ground
markings, reflect the considerable effort and work invested by the SierraSim team. The inclusion
of various high-textured ground vehicles positioned around parking positions complements
ground addons such as GSX seamlessly.

Final Feedback:

SierraSim’s KMDT Harrisburg Airport is a worthwhile investment, offering meticulous detail,
excellent performance, and an immersive experience. The quality of the scenery is justified with
the performance and modelling detail, making it a must-have for Continental USA fans. Whether
you’re a casual simmer or a dedicated aviation enthusiast, this scenery is a valuable addition to
your collection, delivering an enhanced visually appealing experience in P3D. Kudos to SierraSim’s
team for an excellent effort made! Highly recommended if you enjoy regional jet ops in the USA!

Review by Nadeem Z

➢ Addition of a Configurator for ease of controlling addon features such as ground textures
and static aircraft.
➢ Utilization of the latest P3D technologies and features.
➢ Seamless compatibility with other products from ORBX Open LC.
➢ Great mindfulness to intricate details, excellent frame rates, and good VRAM usage
➢ Autogen expansion of the area around the airport would be a nice feature.
➢ Missing seasonal winter ground textures during snowy seasons.
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Developer: Sierrasim
Price: EUR 17.00 (+ tax for EU customers)
AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
Nvidia GTX3080TI running 4K textures.
Prepar3D V5.4
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