Aerosoft – Antarctica Vol.2 – Australian Casey and Skiways MSFS

Aerosoft’s Antarctica Vol 2 Australian Casey and Skiways for MSFS is a captivating addition to the popular Antarctica series. This installment focuses on the Australian Antarctic Casey, offering a detailed rendition of the vast glaciers and coastal landscapes on the mainland with helipad, airfields, many animated icebergs and animals.

The package includes an intricately designed Casey Station with helipad, providing a wealth of discovery opportunities amidst penguin colonies, icebergs, and animated vehicles. For aviation enthusiasts, there are two skiways to choose from – the Casey Skiway on the glacier and the Wilkins Aerodrome to the south, known for hosting Airbus A319-115LR passenger flights and C-17 cargo operations between Antarctica and Australia.

One notable feature is the inclusion of various animations, including the innovative addition of animated penguins and chain vehicles in MSFS, bringing the Antarctic environment to life. The package goes beyond the base, offering aerial imagery along the coast, hundreds of thousands of animated icebergs, and Adelie penguin colonies at their real-world locations.

The meticulous attention to detail extends to the surrounding terrain, with a carefully crafted landscape and updated waterbodies. Aerosoft has employed special techniques to enhance ground textures on the skiway and simulate wind shear details on the glacier, overcoming limitations imposed by MSFS. With an extensive manual providing detailed information on flying in Antarctica, Aerosoft’s Antarctica Vol 2 delivers an immersive and challenging experience for both helicopter and fixed-wing enthusiasts. Whether exploring the rugged terrain, navigating through icebergs, or undertaking intercontinental flights, this add-on brings the unique and breathtaking Antarctic scenery to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Also exists Aerosoft – Antarctica Vol.1 MSFS at SIMMARKET

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  • Lots of animation including animals, vehicle, boats and people, including likely the first animated penguins and chain vehicles in flight simulator
  • Custom created sounds of animals and vehicles (probably the first scenery in MSFS with sounds attached)
  • Coverage beyond the base with stunning glacier cliffs dropping into the sea
  • Hundreds of thousands of animated icebergs in a larger area around the base (at times it can be possible that the approach is blocked by a huge iceberg passing through)
  • Offsite locations of automated monitoring stations (marked as POIs so you can fly there for regular checks performing rough landings out in the field)
  • Offsite landing strips of two British field locations with custom models and improved terrain imagery/elevation data: Sky Blu and Fossil Bluff
  • Emergency airstrip location on the glacier above Rothera (alternative landing strip that MUST be used by local aircraft if there are incoming overseas aircraft)
  • Carefully crafted landscape to merge with surround landscape – including updated waterbodies
  • Special technique used to add wind shear details to the vast white lands on the glacier
  • Manual with dozens of pages of inside knowledge on flying in Antarctica, plus flight plans and simple charts
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