IndiaFoxtEcho – Updates for MB-339, T-45C Goshawk, and Tornado Project News in MSFS

IndiaFoxtEcho has recently provided exciting updates for some of its popular aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). Let’s delve into the details of the updates for the MB-339, T-45C Goshawk, and get a glimpse of the ongoing Tornado project for MSFS.

MB-339 MSFS Update Version 1.4.3

In the latest update (1.4.3) for the MB-339, IndiaFoxtEcho addresses a range of issues while introducing a noteworthy addition – the T-Bird II livery. This livery holds historical significance, as it was part of a joint bid with Lockheed and General Motors in the American Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS) program during 1989.

Despite the bid’s ultimate failure, the T-Bird II livery adds a touch of nostalgia to the MB-339. The update also features fixes for incorrect livery assignments, improved engine simulation, tweaks to flight dynamics, and the addition of user-toggleable Nose Wheel Steering (NWS). The changelog also includes adjustments to the turn and slip coordinator in the backseat cockpit and resolves minor bugs related to the GS ARM and CDI FD needle.

IndiaFoxtEcho expresses regret for not including an RNZAF livery due to visible differences in the fuselage and cockpit of the -CB variant used by New Zealand.

MB-339 MSFS Changelog v1.4.3

  • Added T-Bird II livery
  • Fixed incorrect assignment of 60th Anniversary Pony 1 livery
  • Fixed incorrect assignment of textures for the Peruvian livery
  • Fixed turn and slip coordinator in backseat cockpit
  • Improved engine simulation
  • Minor tweaks to flight dynamics
  • NWS can now be toggled by the user (requires a key binding to SET NOSE WHEEL STEERING TO LIMIT event)
  • Fixed minor bug causing GS ARM to stay ON, if FD is set on standby
  • Fixed behavior of CDI FD needle if FD horizontal model is on standby

T-45C Goshawk MSFS Update Version 1.3.4

In the Version 1.3.4 update for the T-45C Goshawk, IndiaFoxtEcho introduces the “Moongoose” copilot module, a derivative of the F-14 Jester module. This update also integrates improvements from Romain Rivière’s T-45 Improvement Mod, which includes revisions to the engine and flight model.

Notably, the update adds 3D models for training bombs (MK.76) and rocket launcher pods (LAU-68), enhancing the training experience for users. However, these additions require the IndiaFoxtEcho Companion Package to be visible on non-Marketplace copies. The changelog further covers fixes for graphical glitches, rudder pedal animations, and improvements to carrier launch dynamics.

Despite the hard work on these updates, IndiaFoxtEcho extends apologies for any recent disruptions in posts and news updates. The team assures the community that significant effort is being invested in the Tornado project, which remains the primary focus.

Changelog T-45C Goshawk MSFS V1.3.4


  • Intergrated several changes from the Improvement Mod by Romain Rivière, including revisions to engine and flight model
  • Further changes to flight model to prevent incorrect behavior during pedal turns
  • Fixed graphical glitch in MFD wind/direction reading
  • Fixed graphical glitch in MFD bearing/distance readings
  • Fixed minor glitch in MFD initialization code
  • Fixed rudder pedal animation (now linked to correct variable so does not scale with airspeed)
  • Changed TACAN knob logic so that it returns to channel number 1 after channel news 126
  • Added MK.76 training bomb (non-Marketplace copies only) – token weight 290lbs
  • Added LAU-68 rocket launcher pod (non-Marketplace copies only) – token weight 650lbs
  • Added link to IndiaFoxtEcho Companion Package
  • Redone tailhook animation (for smoother frame rate and better collision with surfaces)
  • Modified HUD glass material for better contrast with bright sky conditions
  • Canopy now reacts to native controls and uses native animations
  • “AUTO” option on HSI is now functional, enabling user to switch between auto and manual waypoint selection
  • Minor changes to load safety factors
  • Improvements to carrier launch dynamics
  • Added “Moongoose” copilot menu and voice messages:
    • altitude and fuel
    • sink rate
    • ground proximity
    • landing and AoA
    • miscellaneous warnings

Tornado MSFS Project Update

IndiaFoxtEcho provides a quick update on the Tornado project, emphasizing a reduced social media presence due to an intense focus on development. The Beta test is progressing well, with approximately 50% of reported bugs already addressed. While a potential release window is mentioned, the team adheres to their philosophy that the product will be released when it meets their standards.

The initial release of the Tornado will feature early IDS, GR.1, and ECR models, all sharing the same cockpit design. The developer is open to the possibility of adding further external models (e.g., MLU) in subsequent releases. The announcement clarifies that the ADV/F.3 variant is not currently under consideration due to structural differences.

Regarding the release on Xbox, IndiaFoxtEcho plans to make the Tornado available, but the exact timing in relation to the PC release remains uncertain. The developer also assures compatibility with the IndiaFoxtEcho companion package, addressing the absence of weapon models on the Marketplace release due to Microsoft regulations.

As excitement builds for these updates and the impending Tornado release, the flight simulation community eagerly anticipates the next set of detailed previews and information from IndiaFoxtEcho. Stay tuned for more news on these exciting developments!

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