AeroX Simulations – Recap 2023

A messages from Finn, a developer of AeroX Simulations. A scenery developer for X-Plane sceneries.

Here just a brief February Update!
First of all, I hope everyone landed safe and sound in the new Year! There will be some Changes coming to AeroX in the next months.

  1. Kahului
    I had to completely redo my PC due to some problems with it, since I fixed that, I’m back to the Vulkan error in Kahului, but just in OGG, my X-Plane besides that works flawlessly, I have an Updated version so far that will be published soon.
  2. Library
    Many of you aren’t probably aware of the fact that all of our Sceneries share a common Library that is shipped in every Scenery Pack, that includes all the Ground Vehicle, People, Signs and everything else that really isn’t a Building. I updated some parts of it like new 3D people. I’m working on even more updates to the Library currently. I’m planning on Updating all existing Sceneries to it in the upcoming time.
  3. Cross Wind Simulations
    There will be some changes with AeroX Simulations. First of all, we’re going on a small brake to renew the processes and assets we are currently working with. Secondly I’m going to reduce the amount of Work I personally put into modelling, cause I really don’t find the time any more to do so, Cross Wind Simulations will take more and more of that in the Future
  4. Changes in the Team
    This is more or less just depended on me, I started working and will start vocational training with the german national railway soon, so I don’t have the time and willpower to work on AeroX as before. That means I can’t and I don’t want to make as much progress with our Sceneries as before. I hope in Cooperation with Crosswind Simulations we’ll be able to pull of some more Projects, but more or less, it’s just me at AeroX when it comes to developing everything besides Programming, and that means, when I do less, AeroX will do less. I don’t want to say that that’s it, it just less than before if we want to keep the Quality high as always. I’m really sorry, but I hope you’ll understand.

That’s what I know so far, how this will effect AeroX… I don’t know, only time will tell, but AeroX is still up and we’re still working on new Projects! And we from will follow this new projects.

Finn from AeroX-Simulations.

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