FlyByWire Simulations – A380X MSFS Project News

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FlyByWire Simulations has recently achieved significant milestones in the development of their A380X project for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Over the past few weeks, the developers have made noteworthy progress by successfully integrating a custom-made Flight Management System (FMS) along with an appropriate pilot interface into the multi-function display (MFD). This integration enhances the overall functionality of the aircraft’s navigation and control systems, providing a more immersive and realistic experience for virtual pilots.

Additionally, FlyByWire Simulations has incorporated the Onboard Airport Navigation System (OANS) into the A380X, further enhancing the aircraft’s capabilities. This system aids in navigation and improves the overall accuracy and efficiency of flight operations. Alongside these developments, the team has implemented various improvements across all instruments, contributing to the overall refinement of the A380X project. Enthusiasts and users are encouraged to stay tuned to FlyByWire Simulations’ YouTube channel for an upcoming progress update, where the team is expected to showcase and detail the latest advancements in their A380X for MSFS.

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