[Video] Promo Trailer : Airports of Denmark for MSFS | Aarhus Bornholm Billund by SIMNORD

Are you ready to take your Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) experience to new heights? SIMMARKET and SIMNORD present a mesmerizing journey through the Airports of Denmark in MSFS, featuring meticulously crafted recreations of Aarhus EKAH, Bornholm EKRN, and Billund EKBI airports. Let’s explore each airport and discover the immersive details that await virtual pilots with the above promo trailer produced in 4K.

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Airports featured in the video :

  1. EKAH Aarhus Airport MSFS

First up is EKAH Aarhus Airport, a true-to-life recreation of a former Luftwaffe airbase with a rich history dating back to World War II. Evolving into a dual-use military and civilian airport, EKAH serves as a regional hub for international charter flights, taxis, and general aviation. The SIMNORD EKAH Aarhus Airport for MSFS offers a meticulously crafted simulation that accurately reflects the airport’s historical significance and modern role. Available on SIMMARKET, it provides virtual pilots with an opportunity to explore the airport’s unique past and present in the immersive world of MSFS.

2. EKRN Bornholm Airport MSFS

Next, we soar over to EKRN Bornholm Airport, situated on the picturesque Danish Baltic Sea island. This highly detailed rendition offers an authentic and immersive flying adventure, with HD textures derived from SimNord’s own photographs. From custom-made airport vehicles to meticulously modeled airport buildings, EKRN delivers a visually stunning and accurate portrayal of this unique location. SIMMARKET invites aviation enthusiasts to experience the charm of Bornholm Island in this meticulously crafted simulation.

3. EKBI Billund Airport MSFS

The final destination on this virtual tour is EKBI Billund Airport, Denmark’s second-largest airport located in central Jutland. Handling over two million passengers annually and serving as a bustling air cargo hub, Billund Airport is brought to life with animated jetways, custom-modeled vehicles, and meticulously recreated buildings featuring photo-realistic textures derived from on-site photos. SimNord’s Billund Airport for MSFS, available on SIMMARKET, promises a realistic aviation adventure that enhances your MSFS experience with its immersive and visually stunning rendition.

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