Aerosoft GmbH – Toolbar Pushback Pro MSFS

Upgrade your pushback experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator with Toolbar Pushback Pro from Aerosoft. This advanced version of the popular freeware Toolbar Pushback offers enhanced functionality and improved performance, making it the perfect tool for efficiently managing pushback, push-in, and towing operations. With options to operate via keyboard and mouse, VR controller, or Xbox controller, you can easily plan and execute your pushback maneuvers while preparing your aircraft for flight or moving it out of the maintenance hangar.

Toolbar Pushback Pro has been re-developed from the ground up to provide a modern and user-friendly experience for sim pilots. The audio playback has been upgraded to Wwise, and the interactive texts have been re-recorded to offer accents based on language settings and selected locations. Optimized for time-critical processes, VR hardware compatibility, and Xbox controller support, Toolbar Pushback Pro ensures smooth and seamless pushback operations for a diverse range of aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator, including airliners and general aviation aircraft.

Enhance your simming experience with the new features of Toolbar Pushback Pro, including a customizable automatic mode that now supports towing forward in addition to the standard pushback backward. Whether you’re towing your aircraft out of a tight parking spot or carrying out routine maintenance checks, Toolbar Pushback Pro offers a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities to streamline your pushback procedures and improve overall efficiency in the sim. Upgrade to Toolbar Pushback Pro today and take your pushback operations to the next level in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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