SiamFlight – VTSS/HDY Hat Yai Thailand MSFS

Experience the vibrant energy of Hat Yai International Airport (VTSS/HDY) with SiamFlight’s meticulously crafted scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Situated in southern Thailand, this airport welcomes over 3 million passengers annually and plays a vital role in the region’s air traffic, handling thousands of flights and tons of cargo each year.

With SiamFlight’s rendition, pilots can immerse themselves in the bustling atmosphere of this key transportation hub, complete with a detailed terminal featuring interior views from the pilot’s perspective, along with support buildings, an ATC tower, and a cargo zone.

SiamFlight’s attention to detail ensures an authentic experience for virtual aviators, with custom animated jetways replicating the real-life counterparts, accurately named and connected runways and taxiways, and parking gate numbers primed for integration with GSX Pro. From hand-placed taxiway guidance signs to meticulously designed ground textures and static objects surrounding the airport, every aspect of Hat Yai International Airport has been carefully recreated to match its real-world counterpart. Whether flying in day or night, pilots can expect a seamless transition with full day/night lighting enhancing the visual fidelity of this stunning scenery.

Available via SIMMARKET’s convenient simInstaller technology, SiamFlight’s VTSS/HDY scenery for MSFS v1.0 offers a seamless installation process, ensuring that pilots can quickly dive into the skies above southern Thailand and explore the rich cultural landscape surrounding Hat Yai. With its blend of realism and attention to detail, this add-on promises an unforgettable experience for virtual pilots seeking to immerse themselves in the world of flight simulation.

💻 With Siminstaller = MSFS Auto-Install and Auto-Update via SIMMARKET app

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