FSWeekend – Flight Panels Sale

Take advantage of the FSWeekend Flight Panels sale offering a 25% discount until March 22nd. Elevate your flight simulation experience with Stream Deck profiles tailored for autopilot and aircraft systems control in Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). Seamlessly integrate your Stream Deck devices to manage crucial flight functions, enhancing both realism and convenience. This limited-time offer presents an opportunity to optimize your cockpit setup and streamline your flight operations at a discounted price.

Additionally, until March 18th, enjoy a 25% discount on Aerolens Pro series for effortless camera management of your addon aircraft in MSFS using Stream Deck devices. With Aerolens Pro, you can efficiently control and adjust camera angles, providing immersive visuals and enhancing your simulation experience. Don’t miss out on these exclusive discounts to enhance your flight simulation setup and elevate your virtual piloting experience with MSFS.

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4 months ago

pay for a profile ahahaha that cracks me up

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