Challenges around the Thrustmaster I-LAND – Giveaways Fri. March 22

Aviation enthusiasts and simulation gamers are gearing up for an exciting event on March 22 as London-Controller streamer takes to the skies for challenges surrounding the Thrustmaster I-LAND. Set to commence at 7 PM (GMT), this livestream promises an immersive experience in flight simulation, with a chance to win generous giveaways totaling over 400 EUR courtesy of SIMMARKET and THRUSTMASTER. As anticipation builds, participants are encouraged to download the free add-on scenery for MSFS and XP12/11 from SIMMARKET, providing an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the terrain before the live event.

One of the standout challenges awaiting participants during the livestream is the task of navigating the Canyon with a glider. This exhilarating feat not only puts piloting skills to the test but also offers a unique opportunity for daredevil aviators to showcase their prowess amidst breathtaking scenery. To add to the excitement, THRUSTMASTER and SIMMARKET are generously providing a free livery for the glider DG-1001E Neo MSFS, enhancing the immersive experience for participants as they soar through the skies in style.

With the convergence of aviation enthusiasts, simulation gamers, and generous sponsors, the Thrustmaster I-LAND event promises to be a thrilling affair. As participants prepare to take on challenges and compete for exciting giveaways, the event serves as a celebration of virtual aviation, uniting enthusiasts from around the globe in their passion for flight simulation. Whether tackling the Canyon with a glider or simply enjoying the immersive experience, this event embodies the spirit of adventure and camaraderie within the flight simulation community.

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