iniBuilds – London Heathrow EGLL MSFS Update v3.1.0

The update v3.1.0 for iniBuilds – London Heathrow (EGLL) scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator focuses on enhancing performance and addressing various issues. Notable improvements include the division of Terminal 3 (T3) model into smaller sections to reduce per-mesh tri count, thereby ensuring visibility on Xbox platforms. Ground Service Equipment (GSE) positions have been tweaked and their textures reduced to enhance performance. Additionally, adjustments have been made to correct clipping issues with jetways and wings, along with fixes for missing taxilines, incorrect signage, and misplaced buildings. The layout has been modified to prevent departing traffic from joining specific taxiways, and various adjustments to markings intensity have been made for better visibility.

Moreover, the update introduces several enhancements for realism and functionality. Custom frequencies have been added based on charts, replacing default frequencies and ensuring accuracy, particularly for tower and ground control. Various areas, such as the cargo section and maintenance areas, have received improved lighting and added spawn parking with full taxi paths. Additionally, issues like disconnected jetways from terminals and missing helipad lights have been addressed, while adjustments have been made to ensure proper alignment of jetways with aircraft doors. Overall, the update v3.1.0 brings significant improvements to the London Heathrow scenery in MSFS, enhancing both performance and realism for a better flight simulation experience.

Changelog v3.1.0

– T3 model divided into smaller sections to reduction per-mesh tri count (fix for model not showing on xbox)
– Some tweaking of GSE positions
– Reduced GSE textures
– Incorrectly scale stairs removed
– Various jetway/wing clipping issues
– Missing taxiline on 27L
– C1 checkpoint labelled as D1 on taxi sign
– Wrong/missing Taxiway signs
– Floating geo Stand 311
– GSE building clipping
– Various jetways not dropping low enough to meet a/c door
– Layout modified to prevent departing traffic from joining 09L via AB12 and backtracking. AB12 is now no longer available to AI aircraft.
– Adjusting some markings intensity
– Replaced all frequencies with custom (via chart). Default (non-NG) has tower and ground on the same freq.
– Helipad Lights missing
– Jetways disconnected from terminal – various locations
– Misplaced buildings overlapping parking
– Added lighting to cargo area
– Added spawn parking and full taxi paths to remote parking/maintenance areas
– Added custom lighting to fuel depot near cargo area

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