Review : Africa Design – Eritrea Asmara Intl Airport HHAS P3D5

Review by Nadeem Z 

Airport Overview

HHAS Asmara International Airport, developed by Africa Design for P3Dv5, offers a unique experience in the flight simulation world. Nestled in the heart of Eritrea at an elevation of 7661 feet, Asmara International Airport serves as small yet international airport in East Africa. With its strategic location, the airport plays a crucial role in connecting Eritrea with Major cities such as Dubai, Istanbul and Addis Ababa. Asmara International Airport features a single terminal building that caters to both domestic and international flights. Airlines such as Eritrean Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Flydubai and Turkish Airlines operate regular services from this airport, linking passengers to various destinations across Africa, the Middle East, and beyond.

Airport Features

Africa Design has meticulously crafted a simple yet accurate representation of Asmara International Airport with attention to detail of the airport. The airport scenery boasts a vast coverage area of photoreal scenery around the Airport. The developer has deployed basic- yet custom quality 3D models and baked textures to recreate the airport and its vicinity. Whether flying in during the scorching heat of summer. Ground equipment and cluttered objects scattered around the parking positions add to the realism, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the airport which has varied traffic operating throughout the year. As per the actual Asmara Airport, the
scenery features are limited to what the airport really offers such as custom textures, dynamic lighting without SODE or any other key features included in high quality airports but given that the Airport price might be fair to what is developed by Africa Design.

Modeling and Texturing

Upon closer inspection, the terminal buildings and apron exhibit minor details, with regular-quality textures but the modelling seems to be very precise. The developers have spared no effort in recreating the intricate features of Asmara International Airport, including ground markings,
remote buildings, and decent dynamic lighting effects. Detailed runway textures were included which give a nice feel on takeoff roll.
The photoreal coverage area is massive which is nice especially on a runway 07 departure especially when met with the surrounding terrain of the airport at roughly 8000ft.

Final Feedback

In summary, HHAS Asmara International Airport by Africa Design is a commendable addition to the P3Dv5 scenery library. The developers have succeeded in capturing the essence of this important aviation hub in Eritrea, delivering a visually appealing and immersive representation of the airport. I would leave this airport on a discretionary basis where if you enjoy flying into remote locations and high terrain mountains where you would find such approaches challenging especially when no weather is available so landing on a Instrument deployed runway would be a safer option. I look forward to any future updates of Asmara that are planned, and I very much hope that the developer continues to improve their catalog by adding more airports in East Africa to this region of the world. Nice work Africa Design Team!

Review by Nadeem Z 

➢ Decent representation of Asmara Airport.
➢ Nice building models and ground markings.
➢ Dynamic lighting features
➢ Detailed runway textures.
➢ PAPI lights on final approach are nice.
➢ Improved Building terminal texture resolution.
➢ Adding additional runway lighting and taxiway lighting during the nighttime.
➢ ILS not properly operational.
PurchaseTest System
Publisher: Africa Design
Price: EUR 12.50 (+ tax for EU customers)
AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
Nvidia GTX3080TI running 4K textures.
Prepar3D V5.4

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