IndiaFoxtEcho – Tornado MSFS Project – Info Update and FAQ

IndiaFoxtEcho’s Tornado MSFS Project is nearing completion, with minor bugs being addressed and additional features being added. While a release date is yet to be set, the aircraft is already flyable, though the team is wary of launching close to the SU15 release and spring sales. Despite this delay, the preliminary Xbox test yielded positive results, indicating smooth performance. However, adhering to their mantra of “it is ready when it is ready,” the team is committed to delivering a polished product and will update on the release date soon.

The pricing for the Tornado MSFS Project is anticipated to be around 29.99 EUR + VAT, with versions including the early Tornado IDS, along with external models for early GR.1 and ECR versions. A variety of weapons and loadout options will be available, such as MK-series bombs, Sidewinders, and AGM-88 for the ECR version. Additionally, external fuel tanks and ECM pods will be included, while the absence of weapon models on Marketplace items will be compensated through the IndiaFoxtEcho Companion Package.

The project also encompasses various liveries, predominantly Italian-themed initially, with plans to expand the selection in the future. In-flight refueling capability, terrain-following radar functionality, and Xbox compatibility are all key features being addressed. Despite potential delays for the Xbox release pending final testing, the project aims to deliver an immersive experience with post-release improvements planned.

Here’s a detailed preview of the Tornado MSFS Project from CGAviator, showcasing the aircraft’s current state in Beta 4. While the video offers insight into the project’s progress and generates community excitement, it’s important to note that this version isn’t final. Additionally, some elements like liveries and sound packages are still in preliminary stages, with adjustments and refinements ongoing before the official release.

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