RKBridger – Mid Atlantic USA Bridges (MSFS)

This is a package of 72 handcrafted bridge models replacing the defaults for the Mid Atlantic region and includes the bridges on the Delaware coast, the bridges around the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore, Annapolis, the Susquehanna River bridges, and other bridges over rivers entering the Chesapeake Bay. The area covered is shown in one of the photos and starts in the north at the Delaware canal just south of Wilmington. See also the many more bridges from RKBridger. And also with appropriate night lighting for MSFS2020.

The MSFS2020 scenery is a vast improvement over previous flight sims. However bridges over large waterways, rivers or other bodies of water are very noticeable and are an eyesore destroying realism. Rkbridger packages solve that issue with bridge packages which show the bridges in their true magnificence and also improves the entire landscape along the stretch of water modeled.

All the bridges are accurately modeled in the correct architectural style, with appropriate night lighting and traffic flows on the bridges. Many water fixes including marinas and are also included.

POIs have been placed at the bridges which are listed below with the number of bridges at those locations. Typically when there are more than one bridge at a location the bridges were built at different times with different styles or sizes.

For a list of the modeled bridges see the overview @simMarket. 72 Bridges !! for € 22,37.

Photogrammetry must be ON to ensure bridges integrate correctly with the sim.

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