Spinoza – Verden-Scharnhorst (EDWV) MSFS

And with Spinoza we go to a German Airfield. A Small one, but what a details! After the landing there is a lot to see. And see more screenshots at simMarket. A perfect scenery for your VFR flights.

The Verden-Scharnhorst airfield ( ICAO : EDWV ) is a commercial airfield northeast of the Lower Saxony district town of Verden (Aller) near the town of Scharnhorst . It is run by the Verden Aviation Association. There are several aircraft hangars, a gas station and the tower on the site.

The airfield is approved for all motor gliders, gliders and ultralight aircraft, motor aircraft, balloons and airships weighing up to 2000 kg, helicopters weighing up to 4000 kg and for parachutists. The East Frisian Islands can also be reached quickly. Glider pilots get their money’s worth : the landscape offers good thermal conditions for training and cross-country flying.

Enjoy this superb airfield either you fly airplane, helicopter or glider.

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