MamuDesign – Marinas – Boats and Piers in the World MSFS

MamuDesign presents Marinas – Boats and Piers in the World for MSFS at SIMMARKET, a comprehensive scenery package that revolutionizes the virtual maritime experience. With global coverage spanning North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, Marinas places static boats and piers in marinas, seas, lakes, and rivers based on Open Street Map data. Featuring over 30 new boat models and meticulously crafted algorithms, Marinas seamlessly integrates into your simulator environment, enriching it with vibrant nautical scenery.

Designed to offer a global scope, Marinas excels in its data-driven approach, leveraging Open Street Map data to populate marinas and surrounding areas with authenticity. While the package is auto-generated, MamuDesign ensures that it complements existing scenery add-ons by loading it at a low level in the simulator hierarchy. This strategic placement allows for compatibility with other advanced or manually created scenery packages, while still providing comprehensive coverage in areas where data is available.

Despite its algorithmic nature, MamuDesign is committed to refining the user experience, actively addressing known issues such as the implementation of piers drawn as polygons and optimizing boat placement for realism. Moreover, MamuDesign encourages community engagement, inviting users to contribute to Open Street Map data for enhanced realism in their local areas. With SIMMARKET simInstaller technology, accessing and installing Marinas is seamless, offering a hassle-free experience for virtual sailors worldwide. Embark on a journey across the globe’s waterways with Marinas – Boats and Piers in the World, where every port tells a story of adventure and discovery.

💻 With Siminstaller = MSFS Auto-Install and Auto-Update via SIMMARKET app

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