Hifi Simulations – ASFS Released at SIMMARKET : Active Sky for MSFS

Available at SIMMARKET : Active Sky FS (ASFS), the highly anticipated weather add-on tailored for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Seamlessly integrating with MSFS 2020, ASFS offers a myriad of cutting-edge features designed to elevate your weather simulation experience to unprecedented levels of realism.

Whether you’re a casual flightsim enthusiast in pursuit of immersive visuals or a more experienced virtual pilot seeking precise weather conditions for IFR flights, ASFS caters to your needs with its versatile weather depiction modes.

ASFS introduces two primary depiction modes: Preset Weather and Passive Weather. The Preset mode empowers users with granular control over wind, clouds, precipitation, temperature, and more, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and challenge for IFR operations and long-distance route planning. Meanwhile, the Passive mode harmonizes with MSFS’s live weather depiction, enhancing regional and cloud variations for VFR and casual flights. Both modes benefit from Active Air Effects, enriching your flight with customizable turbulence, drafts, microbursts, and thunderstorm effects.

Moreover, ASFS boasts an array of advanced features, including comprehensive historical weather playback, ground snow simulation, customizable custom weather creation, and immersive voice weather briefings. With 24 years of weather simulation expertise behind it, ASFS leverages sophisticated data collection, synthesis, and modeling techniques to deliver high-fidelity weather conditions globally. Its API opens doors for third-party integration, ensuring compatibility with popular add-ons and fostering endless possibilities for customization. Elevate your MSFS experience with Active Sky FS and embark on thrilling flights amidst dynamic and true-to-life weather environments.

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