MK Studios – LaGuardia KLGA MSFS Update v1.0.1

MK Studios has rolled out a significant update, version 1.0.1, for LaGuardia KLGA in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update brings a range of enhancements and fixes aimed at improving the overall experience for virtual pilots. Notable improvements include enhanced VDGS textures, fixes to PAPI lights, addition of TDZ lights to RWY04, rectification of GS double antennas, adjustments to jetways, inclusion of snowplows, terminal enhancements, and refinement of the stadium area.

Additionally, adjustments have been made to parking areas in the AFCAD, with some parking spaces added while others have been removed, providing a more realistic depiction of the airport layout. The update also addresses LOD issues with the AA Hangar, ensuring smoother visuals during gameplay. MK Studios commits to ongoing support, promising to address any further issues reported by users in the coming days.

With this update, MK Studios demonstrates a dedication to delivering a polished and immersive experience for flight enthusiasts exploring LaGuardia Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. By addressing various aspects such as textures, lighting, infrastructure, and scenery elements, the update aims to enhance the realism and accuracy of the airport environment. The attention to detail, including the addition of snowplows and adjustments to parking configurations, reflects a commitment to authenticity and player satisfaction. As MK Studios continues to track and respond to user feedback, this update underscores their commitment to providing a high-quality simulation experience, ensuring that LaGuardia KLGA remains a standout destination for virtual aviators within the Flight Simulator community.

LaGuardia MSFS Changelog v1.0.1:

  • VDGS textures improved,
  • PAPI light fixes,
  • TDZ lights added to RWY04,
  • GS double antennas fixed,
  • Jetway fixes,
  • Snowplows added,
  • Terminal fixes,
  • Improved stadium area,
  • Parkings added to AFCAD,
  • Some A parking removed from AFCAD,
  • Fixed AA Hangar LOD.
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