FlyTampa – Boston MSFS Update V1.7 – Sale 30% OFF

FlyTampa released an update, version 1.7, for their Boston scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator, introducing significant enhancements. The update includes a revamped taxiway layout at key areas such as F, T, Q, and N, enhancing the realism of ground operations. Moreover, the addition of a new Hilton Hotel model contributes to the authenticity of the airport environment. Notably, the update addresses rendering issues on Lipstick Terminal E, ensuring a smoother visual experience for users. Additionally, improvements in LODs and performance optimize the overall performance of the scenery, enhancing the simulation experience.

Furthermore, the update brings enhancements to night lighting, aligning it more closely with real-world conditions. This includes the implementation of new night lighting on the American Hangar, further immersing players in the authentic airport atmosphere. Additionally, missing PAPI lights on Runway 27 have been added, improving runway visual aids for pilots. Moreover, red lights have been included at the end of Runway 22L for better navigation and realism during nighttime operations. Various visual tweaks and improvements contribute to refining the overall appearance and realism of the Boston scenery, enhancing the flying experience for users in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Changelog Boston MSFS v1.7:

  • New Taxiway Layout at F, T, Q and N
  • New Hilton Hotel Model
  • Taxiway blue edge lights now flat models like realworld
  • Fixed bad rendering on Lipstick Terminal E
  • Improved LODs and Performance
  • New night lighting on American Hangar to match real world
  • Missing PAPI added to Runway 27
  • Red lights added to end of 22L
  • Misc visual tweaks and improvements

Boston MSFS by FlyTampa is currently on sale 30% OFF, just like Boston Rebooted P3D5-4, and also Montreal P3D, at SIMMARKET only until this Sunday April 28th.

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