Aerosoft – Mega Airport Oslo-Gardermoen MSFS

Come with us to enjoy the bustling energy of Norway’s busiest airport with Aerosoft’s Mega Airport Oslo-Gardermoen for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Boasting over nine million passengers annually, Oslo-Gardermoen Airport is a vital hub for Scandinavian travel, serving as a focal point for major airlines like SAS Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

With meticulous attention to detail, this DLC recreates the airport and its surroundings, including the iconic Odal wind farm, with stunning accuracy, ensuring an immersive experience for virtual pilots.

From custom jetways tailored to each terminal pier to dynamic traffic flows on roads and railways, every aspect of Oslo-Gardermoen comes to life in this expansion. With features like customizable passenger density, players can fine-tune their experience to match their preferences. Whether it’s the animated hangar doors of Norse Atlantic or the precise taxiway lighting, every detail contributes to the authenticity and vibrancy of this Scandinavian aviation hub.

Moreover, Aerosoft’s commitment to realism extends beyond aesthetics, with support for features like the Aerosoft custom VDGS module and GSX profiles, ensuring accurate pushback procedures and safe docking systems. With highly realistic nighttime dynamic lighting and immersive sound effects, Mega Airport Oslo-Gardermoen delivers an unparalleled simulation experience for virtual aviators exploring the beauty of Norway’s capital city.

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