MSFS – Development Update April 25, 2024

2 day’s ago was the Developer Livestream. If you missed catching it live on Twitch, you can watch the replay on YouTube here (1:42 hr, so grab a cup of coffee and some popcorn):

In addition to answering dozens of questions from the community, some of the other highlights from the broadcast include:

  • Overview from Working Title on the improvements to the G3X avionics coming in Sim Update 15
  • Presentation from iniBuilds about the Airbus A320neo V2, a free aircraft for all players on all platforms launching alongside Sim Update 15
  • Announcement of City Update VII: European Cities II which includes updated scenery for:
    • Barcelona
    • Madrid
    • Monte Carlo
    • Nice
    • Porto
    • Stockholm
  • Announcement of Local Legend 16: Short Sc.7 Skyvan (“The Flying Shoebox”) by developer iniBuilds

Both City Update VII and Local Legend 16 are targeted for release on May 28.

Regarding the Sim Update 15:
Also announced during the livestream was an update on the Sim Update 15 release date. While we had previously revealed a tentative launch date of April 30, we now think an additional week of development time is necessary. This will be the last Sim Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) prior to the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 later this year (but not the final Sim Update for MSFS2020 ever — SU_16 is planned for early 2025), so the team really wants to make sure SU_15 in an excellent state before we release it.

Read more news here and scroll down for the PA-38-112 Tomahawk from Just Flight.

For the FSX/Prepar3D Pilots it’s already in the hangar for you.

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