Majestic Software – Q400 Project Confirmed for MSFS – Dev Status

Majestic Software – Q400 screenshot in P3D

Majestic Software has confirmed its project to bring the Q400 and potentially other variants like the Q300 and Q200 to the MSFS platform. Despite encountering challenges, including the departure of their 3D designer, they remain committed to delivering a high-quality experience. Acknowledging the extensive work required, they emphasize that only the systems logic and some sounds can be carried over from the existing Q400, necessitating a complete redesign of the visual elements.

Progress on the project has been significant, with the EFIS screens and custom flight dynamics already reworked and integrated into the MSFS aircraft. Additionally, they’ve introduced an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) with Navigraph Charts integration, catering to both MSFS and Prepar3D users. While the team does not provide a specific timeline for completion, they stress their commitment to delivering a polished product, likely by 2025, though acknowledging the uncertainties inherent in development.

Despite the challenges and the small team’s limited capacity, Majestic Software expresses gratitude for the community’s patience and support. They remain steadfast in their approach to sharing updates at their discretion, aiming to provide glimpses of progress as the development phase progresses toward beta testing. While they understand the desire for more frequent updates, they prioritize their obligations and the quality of their work, anticipating an exciting future for their product line within the MSFS ecosystem.

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