Review : FSCGAA – Somalia-Mogadishu HCMM P3D4-5

Review by Nadeem Z

Airport Overview:

HCMM Mogadishu Airport, crafted by FSCGAA Scenery, beckons virtual aviators to explore
Somalia’s capital city through the immersive world of flight simulation. Situated on the coast of
the Indian Ocean, Mogadishu Airport serves as a link in East Africa, connecting Somalia with
major regional African destinations such as Addis Ababa. Despite the challenges faced by the
region, the airport continues to facilitate both domestic and international flights, contributing to
the country’s connectivity with major cities such as Nairobi, Dubai, and Istanbul and Doha
through Djibouti.

Airport Features:

FSCGAA Scenery has painstakingly recreated Mogadishu Airport with attention to detail, offering
a comprehensive depiction of this critical yet simple airport design. The scenery encompasses
not only the airport itself but also its surrounding environment, providing a realistic backdrop
for virtual pilots. Custom 3D models and textures bring the terminal buildings and infrastructure
to life, while ground equipment and clutter add to the authenticity of the experience. Dynamic
lighting enhances the atmosphere, especially during night operations, contributing to the overall
immersion of the simulation.

Modeling and Texturing:

Upon closer examination, the terminal buildings and apron exhibit impressive detailing, though
some textures may lack the sharpness expected in higher quality addons. Nonetheless, the
modeling is precise, capturing the essence of Mogadishu Airport with accuracy. Ground
markings, runway textures, and surrounding terrain are all faithfully recreated, contributing to a
visually satisfying experience for users while using shadow baked textures. The photoreal
coverage area extends beyond the airport boundaries, enriching the simulation environment
and adding to the sense of realism especially with the blend and use of ORBX.

Final Feedback:

In conclusion, HCMM Mogadishu Airport by FSCGAA Scenery is a commendable addition to the
P3D scenery library, offering virtual aviators the opportunity to explore Somalia’s bustling capital
from the skies. Although at first, I had some trouble reaching the developer for assistance, but
within a few days, I was able to get in touch and solve some small issues that were faced during
the installation.

All in all, the developers have succeeded in capturing the essence of Mogadishu Airport, delivering
a visually appealing and immersive experience for flight simulation enthusiasts. While there are
areas for improvement, such as texture resolution and navigational aid functionality, the overall
quality of the addon is impressive. I eagerly anticipate future updates and additions from FSCGAA
Scenery, as they continue to expand their catalog and enhance the virtual aviation experience in
East Africa. Well done, FSCGAA Scenery team!

Review by Nadeem Z

➢ Decent representation of Mogadishu Airport.
➢ Well-executed building models.
➢ Dynamic lighting effects enhance immersion.
➢ Attention to detail on runway textures.
➢ Enhanced terminal building textures and details for increased realism.
➢ Additional runway and taxiway lighting for improved visibility at night.
➢ Missing Ground Markings, taxiways signs and general ground markings.
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Publisher: FSCGAA
Price: EUR 14.99 (+ tax for EU customers)
AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
Nvidia GTX3080TI running 4K textures.
Prepar3D V5.4
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