Microsoft Flight Simulator – May 2nd 2024 – DEVELOPMENT UPDATE

Microsoft Flight Simulator, the popular flight simulation game, continues to evolve and improve with regular updates. On May 2nd, 2024, the development team released a May 2nd, 2024 – Development Update – Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing exciting additions, bug fixes, and improvements to enhance the overall experience for players. In this article, we will explore the key highlights from the May 2nd, 2024 Development Update of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The development team announced the winner of the weekly Screenshot Challenge, Twitter user @BasedRaccoon. They also mentioned the ongoing public beta testing for the upcoming Sim Update 15. Two new test builds, and, were released to community testers. However, it was acknowledged that the .15 test build introduced a bug affecting third-party add-on aircraft using WASM on Xbox. The team assured players that they are working to resolve this issue in the next beta build.

Just Flight, a third-party developer, released the PA-38 Tomahawk aircraft for both PC and Xbox. This new add-on plane has received positive reviews from simmers. The Community Manager, SeedyL, who is a licensed pilot and completed real-world PPL training on a Tomahawk, hosted a livestream on Twitch with developers Martyn and Mark from Just Flight. They showcased the features of this single-engine GA plane, allowing players to learn more about its capabilities.

The Marketplace section highlighted the release of Kunming Changshui International Airport by developer SamScene3D. This international airport serves Kunming, the capital of Southwestern China’s Yunnan province. The scenery includes detailed terminal buildings, ground markings, custom jetways, and over 50 iconic buildings in Kunming city. It has been optimized for performance and tested with Xbox to ensure smooth gameplay.

The Development Update also listed the new and updated products available in the Marketplace. On April 29th, 19 new products were released, including aircraft, sceneries, and more. On May 2nd, an additional 57 new products were made available, catering to both PC and Xbox players. Moreover, several existing products received updates to further enhance their quality and performance.

The article provided an overview of the third-party development scene in Microsoft Flight Simulator. As of April 22nd, there were 279 approved third parties in the in-sim marketplace, with 224 of them having released a total of 3,464 products on PC and 3,212 on Xbox. Additionally, there were 850 products currently in production by third-party developers, either announced or unannounced, indicating a thriving ecosystem of content creation for the game.

The ongoing public beta testing, the release of Just Flight’s PA-38 Tomahawk, and the introduction of Kunming Changshui International Airport in the Marketplace all contribute to the game’s growing content library. Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to evolve as a comprehensive and immersive flight simulation experience, thanks to the dedication of the development team and the contributions of third-party developers.

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