FunnerFlight – PHNL & Pearl Harbor V3 X-Plane 12

Fly to Hawaii with the ultimate in flight simulation : FunnerFlight’s latest release Honolulu PHNL /Hickam AFB/ Pearl Harbor V3 for X-Plane 12, now available on SIMMARKET.

This upgraded version features a plethora of enhancements to elevate your virtual flying experience to new heights. Explore the vibrant city of Honolulu and its iconic landmarks, including Pearl Harbor, with improved taxi lines and a new Mauka concourse, ensuring a more immersive journey from takeoff to touchdown.

Say goodbye to blurry orthos with the introduction of new X-Plane taxiways, providing crisp and detailed visuals for a more realistic environment. But the enhancements don’t stop there; FunnerFlight has also added a touch of life to the surroundings, with additional roads featuring traffic and more ships dotting the surrounding seas. Feel the buzz of activity as you navigate through the skies, with an added bonus of Hawaiian Islands Airports Traffic Option. This feature includes the new Airborne_aircraft_objects Library v1, showcasing animated General Aviation aircraft engaging in touch-n-go maneuvers and go-arounds, enriching the atmosphere with virtually no impact on FPS.

FunnerFlight’s Honolulu PHNL /Hickam AFB/ Pearl Harbor V3 promises an exhilarating experience like never before. With its attention to detail and commitment to realism, this scenery package transports you to the heart of Hawaii’s aviation hub, where every takeoff and landing becomes a memorable adventure. Prepare for a journey filled with excitement, authenticity, and endless possibilities in the skies above the Pacific.

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