[Video🎬] HiFi Active Sky FS for Microsoft Flight Simulator – New Trailer 4K by SIMMARKET

Active Sky FS (ASFS) revolutionizes weather simulation in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, offering unparalleled realism and control. With advanced weather depiction modes, customizable presets, and immersive air effects, ASFS delivers a dynamic and true-to-life flying experience. Whether navigating through challenging IFR conditions or enjoying casual VFR flights, ASFS enhances every aspect of your virtual aviation adventure.

Features :

  • Direct integration with MSFS 2020, offering seamless weather control and depiction.
  • Advanced weather preset and passive depiction modes for precise control or natural variability.
  • Active Air Effects, including turbulence, drafts, and thunderstorm effects, for immersive flight experiences.
  • Comprehensive historical weather playback and ground snow simulation for added realism.
  • Extensive customization options, including custom weather creation and voice weather briefings, enhancing user immersion and flexibility.

Video tool : FlightControlReplay 5 MSFS P3D5-6


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