SIMMARKET Express May 12 : New Products, Updates and Sales

SIMMARKET Express is the weekly content of the store summarized in a quick listing of the latest products and updates released in the last days so you can have all this information at a glimpse. – Express 2024 May 12

NEW Products :

Updates :

Sales :

Pilot Experience Sim 35% OFF MSFS M7-235 and French airports Ajaccio, Bordeaux, Brest, St Tropez until May 22nd

Salvuz 20% OFF MSFS European Airports in Italy, Norway and Albania until May 28th

NetDesign up to 20% OFF MSFS Algerian airports incl. DAAG Algiers until May 15th

Fly 2 High 30% OFF MSFS Airports until May 17th

Aeroproyecto 25% OFF P3D Cessna C172N and Variants until May 24th

FS2Crew 30% OFF MSFS Fenix A320 Edition and P3D All Access Pack until May 25th

JustSim 20% OFF MSFS P3D XP until May 25th

FSX3D 50% OFF MSFS P3D XP French Airports until May 27th

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