SimBrief Enhancement Coming Soon! Charts Integrations through PMS50 GTN750 in C414AW Chancellor and Ryan Navion B

Navigraph has released an exciting update for its Charts feature, now including detailed landscapes like forests and glaciers and the Terminator Layer, which dynamically shows day and night transitions. This enhancement enriches the VFR map experience, making it easier for users to visualize time progression and changing flight conditions. Additionally, an upcoming update for SimBrief will introduce takeoff and landing calculation capabilities, addressing a significant community demand for more precise and realistic flight planning.

Coming Soon to SimBrief – Takeoff and Landing Calculations

New Land Cover and Terminator Layer Added to Navigraph Charts!

Navigraph Charts now includes enhanced land cover details, such as forests and glaciers, on the VFR map, offering a richer visual simulation experience. This update leverages high-resolution data from Impact Observatory, Microsoft, and Esri, derived from ESA Sentinel-2 imagery, to provide a global map of land use and land cover with impressive accuracy. Users can easily toggle this feature on or off through the map layer selector to customize their navigation experience.

Additionally, a new terminator layer has been introduced, depicting the transition between day and night on the Mercator map and globe view. This feature enhances the simulation experience by allowing users to track time progression and anticipate changing conditions during their flights. Both the land cover and terminator layers are part of Navigraph’s ongoing commitment to improve realism and immersion for flight simulation enthusiasts.

The latest blog post from Navigraph also highlights the challenging Expressway Visual 31 approach into La Guardia, using Fly The Maddog 88 for MSFS, and providing detailed insights into this iconic route. This is part of their series on challenging approaches, aimed at aviation enthusiasts who enjoy the historical and technical aspects of manual flying.

Charts integration for Flysimware C414AW Chancellor and Hangar Studios 713 Ryan Navion B via the PMS50 GTN750

Finally, Navigraph has introduced the PMS50 GTN750 with Charts integration for MSFS on PC and Xbox, now featured in the Flysimware C414AW Chancellor and Hangar Studios 713 Ryan Navion B aircraft. The Flysimware C414AW Chancellor offers a highly detailed simulation experience, thanks to direct access to a real aircraft, while the Ryan Navion B includes various enhancements such as a 260 HP engine and multiple interactive features. Both aircraft leverage the PMS50 GTN750 for an immersive and comprehensive chart viewing experience within the simulator.

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