iniBuilds – Xwind Kristiansund ENKB MSFS

Welcome in Norway and enjoy the charm of Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport (ENKB) with iniBuilds‘ latest offering for Microsoft Flight Simulator, brought to you by the collaboration between XWind Studios and Jakub Łukaszewski.

Nestled on the picturesque island of Nordlandet, this smaller yet bustling hub serves as the sole scheduled airport for the Nordmøre region, welcoming countless travelers each year. This meticulously crafted airport scenery promises an immersive experience, capturing the essence and beauty of Norway.

The detailed landside area of Kristiansund Kvernberget Airport is a standout feature, boasting realistic representations of buildings and infrastructure. As dusk falls, the custom night lighting brings the airport to life, transforming it into a captivating, atmospheric setting. From runway lights to taxiway lights, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the realism and overall experience for virtual pilots.

Key features of this scenery include custom ground textures, detailed recreations of the airport layout, and unique elevation for the entire island. The addition of custom static aircraft, Norwegian airside clutter, and high-quality textures further enriches the realism. With performance-optimized models and custom taxiway signs, this scenery is both stunning and efficient. Available through SIMMARKET with simInstaller technology for an automatic install and in-app updates notification.

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