AzurPoly – C160 Transall MSFS Update v1.4

AzurPoly’s C160 Transall for MSFS has received a significant update with version 1.4.0, introducing several enhancements and bug fixes. The most notable addition is the implementation of a functional weather radar, addressing a popular request from the community. Although it doesn’t replicate the exact display of the real Transall due to simulator limitations, it offers a substantial improvement over the previously empty screen, allowing for safer navigation in stormy conditions. Users are encouraged to refer to the flight manual for detailed information on its features.

In addition to the weather radar, a new interior Level of Detail (LOD) model has been developed, which is expected to enhance performance, particularly in multiplayer scenarios where multiple Transalls are present. This update also includes a dedicated SimBrief profile for the C-160 Transall, created with the assistance of Navigraph, which will help users in flight planning and operations.

The update brings numerous fixes and improvements across various systems of the aircraft. Enhancements include better autopilot ILS glideslope capture, improved cockpit interactions, and more accurate HUD flight path vector. Various bugs have been addressed, such as issues with propeller feathering on the ground, the orientation of cockpit switches, and transponder code display errors. Performance and usability improvements have also been made to the EFB and FMS, ensuring a more seamless and realistic flight experience for users.

Changelog v1.4:

  • – Implemented functional weather radar
  • – Added interior LOD model for better performance
  • – Added possibility to select no active source on EHSI
  • – Improved ILS glideslope capture by autopilot
  • – Fixed cockpit interactions (knobs, switches) with wrong orientation
  • – Fixed propeller feathering on ground
  • – Fixed autopilot V/S mode in EFB
  • – Improved flight path vector on HUD
  • – Adapt units in EFB depending on user options
  • – Small improvements to FMS flight plan pages
  • – Fixed display issue with transponder code starting with zero
  • – Fixed EHSI displayed with no electricity
  • – Fixed fuel shutoff handles orientation
  • – Improved master caution sound
  • – Fixed wrong engine de-ice tooltip
  • – Fixed incorrect runway length unit in FMS
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23 days ago

How will these changes affect the start-up / landing procedures?

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