MSFS – Local Legend 16: Short SC.7 Skyvan

Microsoft Flight Simulator introduced the Local Legend 16: the SC.7 Skyvan aircraft that has earned a legendary reputation as a go-to for the world’s toughest air transport missions. The airframe, affectionately dubbed by some as the “flying shoebox,” has a long and storied history of hauling people and cargo into and out of short, austere airstrips throughout the world. It was conceived, designed, and built to carry the largest loads possible in the most demanding environments. Its boxy fuselage optimizes freight stowage while its large rear cargo door and integrated ramp enable fast, efficient loading and unloading. The high aspect ratio main wing and powerful turboprop engines give it exceptional short take-off and landing (STOL) performance. Its rugged tricycle landing gear allows it to operate from all types of airfields, including grass, gravel, and improvised strips.

Read more about it here.

Enjoy this video:

The Short SC.7 Skyvan comes with sixteen liveries including: Airliner – White, Military – Green, Military – Green Camouflage, Military – Grey, Skydive – White, Skydive – Clownfish, Skydive – Pink, Surveyor – White, and Surveyor – Red.

There are infinite possibilities for adventure and exploration awaiting in the Skyvan. It is available in Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for $14.99. The sky is calling!

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Ian Yeates
Ian Yeates
23 days ago

Love the Skyvan, watched it’s first flight with piston engines installed, worked on the production line. The Skvan is one of the best Local Legends for MSFS 2020.

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