Golden Age Simulations – GAS Boeing Stearman Package MSFS

You’re invited to enjoy the rich history and timeless charm of the Stearman Model 75 with Golden Age Simulations’ Boeing Stearman Package for MSFS, available at SIMMARKET. This package features sduper detailed models of the PT-17 N2S-3, PT-13 N2S-5, and the post-war A75L300, each built to native MSFS specifications to ensure seamless performance with future simulator updates.

The Stearman, known for its role as a primary military trainer in the 1930s and 1940s, continues to captivate aviation enthusiasts with its historical significance and versatility.

The Golden Age Simulations package includes fully native MSFS aircraft with high-definition PBR textures, modern aerodynamics, and custom recorded sounds of the Continental R-670 engine. Pilots can enjoy a highly immersive experience with options for modern GA Asobo occupants or custom animated vintage pilot and passenger figures, as well as full VR headset support. The detailed 3D virtual cockpits come with accurately modeled controls, operational front and rear cockpit positions, and both civilian and military configurations, the latter featuring custom smoke effects.

Enhance your flying adventures with six liveries for the PT-17 N2S-3, two liveries for the PT-13 N2S-5, and two liveries for the A75L300 variant. Each package includes a full operations manual and a comprehensive paint kit, allowing for further customization. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of aviation history at a great value—currently 50% off until June 3rd as part of the D-Day 80th Anniversary sale.

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