FSDG – Teruel Airport (LETL) X-Plane

Earlier the MSFS version, and now the X-Plane scenery from Teruel, also known as the ‘Storage Airport’. From the developer FSDG, via Aerosoft GmbH. It is one of the most unique airports in Europe. The dry climate here between Valencia and Zaragoza makes it the location to long-term park inoperative aircraft. During the COVID 19 pandemic, more than 100 aircraft from several big airlines were parked at the many parking spaces.

Nowadays, the airport is constantly being upgraded and expanded, as it now serves as a maintenance hub for several airlines. Dozens of aircraft can be seen airtight sealed, whilst others are stripped down or dismantled. The new gigantic hangar allows parking and maintaining two A380’s, as several airlines are calling their ‘Super Jumbos’ back into action.

The “Aeropuerto de Teruel” (LETL) also hosts the PLD Space Propulsion test facility, where rocket engines for the private Spanish space program are tested.

Visit this unique airport now in X-Plane!


  • Accurate and realistic rendition of Teruel Airport, Spain (LETL)
  • Authentic light environment
  • Dozens of parked aircraft
  • XP11 / XP12 technologies (dynamic lighting, reflective textures and more)
  • Optimized for great performance and visual results
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