France VFR – VFR South-West MSFS

The France VFR South-West MSFS pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator offers an extensive and detailed VFR (Visual Flight Rules) experience in the South-West region of France. It includes over 30 airports and airfields, featuring photo-realistic buildings, meticulously detailed ground textures and markings, and reworked vegetation. The scenery also encompasses a variety of VFR landmarks, obstacles, and remarkable objects such as high voltage pylons, marinas, wind turbines, castles, and churches, all placed with high precision.

In addition to the standard airports, the pack enhances 28 airports with photo-realistic 3D modeling and adds 4 large military airports with detailed ground textures. The product includes realistic static airplanes, animated characters, and night lighting to enhance immersion. Several areas have been reworked to integrate photo-realistic textures, especially in larger military platforms. The scenery also features marinas, vehicular animations, and a cleaned coastline and electrical networks to provide a more realistic flying experience.

Designed to be compatible with other France VFR products, this pack aims to deliver a seamless mix of IFR and VFR platforms with a focus on visual realism and homogeneity. The package is bundled to offer attractive pricing and includes comprehensive charts (SIA, VAC, IAC, APT, ARRDEP). Available through SIMMARKET’s simInstaller technology, it promises easy installation and instant availability post-purchase via the store app.

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