UK2000 Scenery – Leesburg Airport KJYO MSFS

Invitation to visit the US airport Leesburg Executive (KJYO) with UK2000 Scenery’s latest release for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available now at SIMMARKET. This beautiful scenery features HD photographic images and PBR materials to bring the airport to life with exceptional realism.

Enjoy high-detail models of both large and small airport features, realistic ground markings, stunning night effects, and optimized frame rates. The scenery includes full-detail buildings, airport vehicles, signs, fencing, vegetation, and static aircraft, ensuring an immersive flight simulation experience.

With the advanced MSFS engine, the scenery also boasts sloping runways and enhanced lighting effects, capturing the essence of the real airport as it stands in 2024. Runway 17-35, including the ILS approach for runway 17, is depicted with high accuracy. This add-on complements your general aviation experience without clashing with AI traffic. Purchase and installation are made easy with SIMMARKET‘s simInstaller technology, allowing you to quickly enhance your virtual aviation adventures.

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