miniCockpit – miniEFIS Airbus Series Progress

The development of the miniEFIS for the miniCockpit Airbus series is making progress as the manufacturer carefully analyzes the first prototype and identifies key areas for improvement. In their detailed review, they noted that the typeface used for the “PULL STD” label needs to be more accurate to enhance the overall authenticity of the display. They also observed that the tactile feedback of the Chrono button requires refinement to achieve the precise feel necessary for an optimal simulation experience.

Additionally, the manufacturer has identified that the range and mode switches are slightly too protruded and need adjustments to better match the desired design specifications. These insights are invaluable for enhancing the mold design, ensuring a more accurate and functional final product. By addressing these points, the team is committed to delivering a high-quality miniEFIS that meets the exacting standards of its users.

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