FlyByWire Simulations – FMS v2 for A32NX Released

FlyByWire Simulations has announced the release of their entirely custom FMSv2 for the A32NX into the Development Version. This update includes several highly anticipated features such as missed approach capability, initial implementation of alternate flight plan capability, and improved logic and handling of FMS routing. Additionally, the enhanced logic for constraints and speed/altitude restrictions ensures better accuracy and performance. STARs with multiple IAFs now connect correctly, further enhancing the realism and functionality of the flight management system.

While the RNP/RNAV vertical aspect is not yet available in this update, the release of FMSv2 sets the foundation for its future implementation and other planned features. Users are encouraged to update now to take advantage of these new capabilities and improvements, which mark a significant step forward in the development of the A32NX.

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