France VFR – South-West VFR Airports MSFS

The South-West VFR Airports MSFS pack from France VFR, available at SIMMARKET, includes 32 highly detailed VFR airports and airfields located in South-West France. This package features photo-realistic buildings, detailed ground textures and markings, realistic static flying club planes, and meticulously reworked vegetation. It includes 28 enhanced airports and airfields with 3D modeling and four large military airports with photo-realistic textures. The package also provides realistic night lighting, numerous animations, and reworked photo-realistic areas for eight platforms, making it a comprehensive and visually appealing addition for flight simulation enthusiasts.

Additionally, the product ensures compatibility with other France VFR products and includes SIA, VAC, IAC, APT, and ARRDEP charts. The airports list comprises a wide range of locations such as Agen La Garenne, Toulouse Francazal, Cognac Châteaubernard, and Bordeaux Léognan-Saucats, among others. The package, available via SIMMARKET’s simInstaller technology, aims to deliver a high-quality, realistic flying experience at an attractive price through bundled offerings.

If you prefer a complete VFR experience with these 32 airports combined with numerous custom landmarks, electric and railroad networks, coastlines cleaned of excess vegetation, go for the VFR France South-West pack for MSFS :

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