FSX3D – Corte Corsica (LFKT) X-Plane 12

A perfect and nicely build little airport for the X-Plane flyers. With some nice details. Corte eerodrome (LFKT). It is located in the town of Corte in Haute-Corse (2B). It is only reserved for leisure or tourist traffic.
The Corte Center Corse flying club is based on the platform. (see picture above). From the scenery developer FSX3D and available via simMarket. See also more details screenshots via the link.

Its single track, measuring 950 meters by 20 wide,
has a slope of 1.88% (uphill on side numbered 30 (SW-NE) and downhill on side 12 (NE-SW))1.

The aerodrome does not have an air traffic control service. So a perfect destination for a quick flight, with some little preparation. No worry’s about ATC.


  • Ultra detailed car parks, taxiways and track
  • PBR on all objects
  • Ambient occlusion (Objects & Ground)
  • Wet track effects
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Ortho4XP compatibility
  • AutoOrtho compatibility
  • HD photo realistic ground
  • Corsica Z17 (Ortho4XP 1.40)

See more screenshots @simMarket.

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