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Aerosoft have announced the release of Zurich v2 today. The updated version brings Zurich into 2015 featuring aircraft docking guidance, optimised AFD’s, new jet engine test site and much more. If you don’t own the previous version, you can purchase it at simMarket for full price, or if you happen to own the previous version; then you can receive a 50% discount. Bonaire X, Another spectacular release by Jo Erlend. Bonaire is a small island in the Southern Caribbean and is a popular holiday destination among surfers and divers, thanks to its clear water and magnificent coral reefs. Amazing work by Jo! Watch the official video below and get your copy today over on simMarket

A new “Major Update” newly released for the Aerosoft English Electric Lightning brings the package to version 2.0, adding support for VRS TacPack, plus a number of other updates and additions. The TacPack integration includes support for both missiles and guns, as well as adding a radar screen and collimating the HUD. Fixes and upgrades include updated textures and loadsheet, plus additional animation for the hand controller and DX10 compatibility. Find out more here at simMarket.

The KCFS Seabee isn’t a new release. It’s actually quite an old one. So why review it now? Well, frankly, because I only just got it. There’s also the fact that the aircraft is a fairly new release on Steam as DLC (DownLoadable Content – what most people just call “add-ons”!) so it’s “new” to a lot of people. Finally, why not? It’s unusual in several ways, as well as being developed by an ex-ACES developer, so it has to be worth a look.

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