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Aerosoft Bonaire X – New Screenshots!

Over on the Aerosoft Forums, The mighty Jo Erlend has posted some stunning night time shots of Bonaire. Hopefully its close to release, since this


Aerosoft Manchester Released (X-Plane)

Aerosoft Manchester has been released for X-Plane 10. It looks like a very high quality rendition and I know many of you X-Plane pilots will

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Aerosoft’s Paro to challenge your skills

Paro in Bhutan (VQBR/PBH) is considered by many to be “the most dangerous airport in the world”. While that may be open to debate, it


Aerosoft Bonaire X Announced

Jo Erlund Sund, Taking the Norway (and Daytona) Quality to the Caribbean and beyond. As many of you may recognise the style of texturing, Yes


Aerosoft Ibiza X Evolution Announced

Aerosoft have announced their “Ibiza X Evolution” is coming to our sims soon. It shall be a paid upgrade to the previous Ibiza although all


Gaya Simulations – First Genoa Previews

GayaSimulations did a fantastic job with their previous release; Kilimanjaro. They just got that finished and released and they’re already working on another great release


Aerosoft – CRJ 700 Livery Previews

Over on the Aerosoft Forum, Mathijs has released a few livery previews that Holgi has made. The first of his batch includes; American Eagle, Air

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