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Aerosoft’s Paro to challenge your skills

Paro in Bhutan (VQBR/PBH) is considered by many to be “the most dangerous airport in the world”. While that may be open to debate, it


Aerosoft Bonaire X Announced

Jo Erlund Sund, Taking the Norway (and Daytona) Quality to the Caribbean and beyond. As many of you may recognise the style of texturing, Yes


Aerosoft Ibiza X Evolution Announced

Aerosoft have announced their “Ibiza X Evolution” is coming to our sims soon. It shall be a paid upgrade to the previous Ibiza although all


Gaya Simulations – First Genoa Previews

GayaSimulations did a fantastic job with their previous release; Kilimanjaro. They just got that finished and released and they’re already working on another great release


Aerosoft – CRJ 700 Livery Previews

Over on the Aerosoft Forum, Mathijs has released a few livery previews that Holgi has made. The first of his batch includes; American Eagle, Air


Aerosoft – Mega Airport Rome Announced

Over on the Aerosoft Forums, Mathijs posted some previews of their upcoming Mega Airport Rome. If you remember; They originally had a one planned a

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Aerosoft – F-14 X Review

Different people get excited by different announcements in our hobby. Seeing Aerosoft working on a Tomcat certainly got my heart racing. The product in question


Aerosoft – Nuuk X

  Aerosoft Nuuk, Unique mountainous approaches and the glorious Northern lights. With Nuuk being the capital of Greenland and one of the most spectacular cities;

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