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Fabio Merlo announced the Autumn Update for the version 4.5 of FlightControlReplay Professional : for the most complete Record / Replay utility for MSFS, P3D5 – 1 and FSX. Another FREE update is available to ALL registered users of FlightControlReplay (FCR). Among the NEW features that have been added. we introduce the AI Traffic detection : FCR lets you select one or multiple AI aircraft operating in your vicinity so you can Record and Replay from their point of view. Switch and cycle between the different aircraft. AI detection include both AI Traffic generated by the simulator, and the AI planes…

FSX/P3D All Access Pack is a complete bundle of the crew simulation add-ons by FS2Crew for many airliner add-ons, compatible with P3D5 down to the legacy FSX versions. Fly the Maddog, PMDG, QualityWings, Flight1 and more : numerous brands are supported. And you get this whole series at 50% OFF until August 18th.

The new update V1.3.1 for the QualityWings Ultimate 787 is more exactly a hot fix for Service Pack 3 to fix a few items reported by the virtual pilots. Read the complete details in the full announcement here.

Two friends made a large and FREE scenery in Poland for FSX Service Pack 2 : “VFR Balice”. It includes thousands objects and historical monuments in and around the old Polish capital Krakow. Designed with new terrain textures, it includes the river Wisla and traffic of vehicles and ships. You can download now the from here.

Lukla VNLK in Nepal is a very challenging airport able to stress out experienced pilots. But it’s also a hard challenge for airports designers to include the detailed mesh and the sloping runway. Skysoft made it for 32 bit simulators : P3D v1/v3 and FSX.

Flight One Software is now giving away their T182T Skylane product for FSX and P3D v2 and v3 (32-bit) for free ! You will get this quality product by using Flight1 Agent software, then go to Flight1 products, FSX aircraft. Read and follow the instructions on the Cessna 182 page in order to redeem the necessary voucher coupon. The T182T by Flight One Software takes the quality and workmanship detail of our Cessna Citation Mustang, and packs it into one of the most beloved single-engine, tricycle gear airplanes of all time. The T182T combines speed, elegance, safety, and range in…

Despite of the lower and lower interest for FSX, there were still enough fans requests to IndiaFoxtEcho that convinced him to adapt the P3D4 version of the A-4E/F/G/H/K Skyhawk. And he made it possible for FSX pilots ! In that case, it’s not possible to have PBr materials and the only virtual cockpit model is the early A-4F model for all variants.

Eaglesoft Development current works include the Cessna Citation XLS+ and the Citation X business jets, both developed for 32 bit simulators like FSX and P3D v3. In the comments section of their Facebook post, they confirmed again the 64 bit version for P3D v4 will be developed later, after the release for older simulators.

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