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We are publishing a series of reviews originally written for and published in PC Pilots Ireland Club quarterly ‘PC Pilot’ magazine. We thank their president and friend Terry McGee as well as the reviewer for the opportunity. This FranceVFR’s St Maarten & St. Barth – FS2004 & FSX scenery review was written by George Markham and first published in the December 2007 issue of PC Flight Magazine: You may recall that I had the pleasure in reviewing Chris Wilkes super massive scenery package “Islands of the West Indies – Complete Series” for FS2004 way back in March, 2006. Fly Tampa’s…

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Nick Churchill and Ian Pearson reviewed the RealAir Spitfire for FSX recently. Nick is renown for his wonderful screenshots and Ian is an avid simmer since many years. You can find the review at Nicks site here. Other reviews can be found on his website as well. The Spit is available from simMarket of course!

Alcander Ioanidis has written a review of the Aerosoft Twotter recently and we’re sharing his words with you here. The Twotter (DeHavilland Twin Otter) is designed for FSX and available from simMarket’s shop Read more… to see what Ioanidis thinks of the airplane, Review originally published on simFlight Sunday, April 13 2008

Ian Pearson downloaded the new airport enhancement package AES from Aerosoft last month and gave it a good look-over. It is a good tool for those simmer who love to dwell on larger airports and Ian was happy with it for what it does. You can read his full review by clicking on Read more….. below.

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